Thursday, October 25, 2007

musings to delay the writing of a paper

Looking at the time line of Nicaraguan history it dawned on me that the Peace Corps was active in Nicaragua during the Somoza error and not as I had idealistically first thought during the literacy campaigns of the Sandinistas. When my uncle was in Nicaragua he was an agricultural volunteer. I always thought his work there was a grassroots effort to aid poor, rural farmers, not line the pockets of a wealthy and corrupt dictator. I remember being mesmerized as a child by his experiences in Nicaragua and by the very idea of the Peace Corps.
When thinking about this trip, I am most excited about the opportunity to travel again with purpose. I have always enjoyed traveling and experiencing different cultures and languages. My most recent trips have been to escape our cold winters or for pleasure. I look forward to going somewhere to gain understanding and knowledge that will connect me to a larger world, empower me to help others and broaden my perspectives and open my horizons to new ideas, world views and global issues.
Now I have to start this paper!

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Kim said...

I am so jealous, Denise!