Thursday, October 25, 2007

Megan's First Blog

I'm excited to go to Nicaragua. It will be my first time out of the country, so it seems like everyday I'm checking to make sure my passport is exactly in the same spot as it always is, I'm parinoid I'm going to loose it and not be allowed on the plane! That would be terriable. This sesmster I'm taking a conversational spanish class through CMC as well, so I'm excited to try it out, my goal is to speak as much of it as possible.
This summer I was involved in a program hosted by the state department and had tons of meetings with different represenitives from there, Hellen Thompson, and other infulentuial figures, so I'm anticipating this expirence to parallel some of the meetings I had in D.C. in some ways.
I really would like to talk to alot of the locals, and from what I hear they will be willing to give me that chance. I just hope that the lanugage barrier won't be to solid.

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CMC in Nicaragua said...

Wow Megan.. first time out of the country. pretty exciting! I think that's great you plan on using as much of your spanish as possible. I wish I knew spanish. Maybe you could teach me a little on the plane!