Sunday, November 11, 2007

What To Think

The more I see of the world the less I understand it. I used to believe that seeing and experiencing other cultures, would in some way make it easier for me to make sense of this world. Within a day of touring Managua my views of what it means to live and be happy have completely changed. While it's hard to see young children begging for money, they seem to have certain personas that, in a way, almost make me, a spoiled American, envy them. Instead of screaming at their parents for the newest PS2 game, they seem to walk around with confident smiles, happily making toys out of palm tree leaves.
Seeing these kids has brought up many questions in my head -- like what does being happy mean, and what would these kids have made of their lives if given the same oppurtunities as I have had. I think that people would be happier if they had no desire for pointless material things -- happier even than if they actually received them. As of right now, I can not forsee what is going to make me happy in life, but I am slowly marking off the things I know will not.
Michael Vogler

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