Thursday, November 1, 2007

Counting down the days

We are in the real count down now when things actually have to go from thinking and wondering about to actually doing. This kind of switch is a welcome change for me. I have been so wrapped up in thinking about the coursework and the implications of CAFTA on Nicaragua's economy that I lost sight of this amazing opportunity to go to a new place and experience a culture and people I know relatively little about. I have decided to extend my trip to Nicaragua for a week and do some traveling around Nicaragua with my husband. This week has been a frenetic rush of planning, research, spending (yikes!)and arranging to be out of town and work for 2 weeks. It has been amazing though. I feel like I have finally begun to look deeply at Nicaragua as it is right now, in the present. I am no longer seeking to only understand its past and its long and complicated history but also to experience its rich natural beauty, the cultural centers of Granada and Leon and the beautiful beaches and surfing of San Juan del Sur. I feel like a little kid, I am so excited to go, to completely disconnect from the ordinary day to day banalities of everyday life and work and experience something new and different. Being without a phone, computer and cell phone is also a tremendous bonus! I am bummed I can't be in class tomorrow but I will be thinking about it as give my presentation... they'll wonder how someone could ever be so excited about professional development!
Hasta pronto,

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