Thursday, November 8, 2007

Almost Out of America

I'm almost out of America, and I can't wait to see what's on the other side of the border. I know I'm supposed to be keeping up with this blogging every week (whoops to say the least) but until now, it hasn't really hit me what a bad job of it I've been doing. Just Joking, I haven't had anything really substantial to say except for the fact that I'm stoked to go.

In my communications class the other day we were discussing why we think so many Americans are diagnosed with depression each year, and as we were discussing it, it hit me that a majority of the population has no reason to be depressed, because living in America, we have such a wonderful life with really, no massive or grave external worries. Here's where Nicaragua comes in. When we visit some villages with a 90%+ unemployment rate,I can't help but wonder what the energy of these communities will be? will it be one of depression, of poverty, of life in the slums? Or will these Nicaraguans enjoy what little they do have, and be happy for life, not constantly worrying about what they don't have? Do Nicaraguans live a happy life living in the second poorest country in the world letting their lack of material matters not be a bother to them? I don't know how to express my question without sounding like a spoiled American... I just look forward ... to seeing the poorest people on earth smile. and I hope I can see that. see stupid American coming in again, but all that set aside, I'll see you when I'm there.

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