Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vijamos en la cuidad

We made it to nicaragua!! It feels great to be here! Today we went sight seeing in the big city, and i saw things i will never forget. Guns and old army tanks encased in concrete as a symbol of freedom encasted after the free elections in 1990. Old Govermental Headquarters turned into a political art museum with open roofs. In the plaza there, children would swarm us looking for money in exchange for their crafts made from the plants that grew nearby. We drove on top of the hill that overlooks the entire city which used to be the home and headquarters of the Smozas. Juan Carols said that people would say if you got an inivitation to the Smoza house, it was either to dine with him or to be killed by him. Now in the rubble, there lies a playground where families play and couples kiss. A symbol of Nicarauga's future?

We exchanged our dollars into cordobas today. our van pulled up to a sidewalk where a man with a calculator, and a backpack full of money jumped inside to swap us cash for cash. We certinaly arn't in America anymore, but I feel safe here with my friends.

Nicole and I went for a walk this afternoon, and we ran across a man with his two boys flying kites. They were in an open field of dirt, where rubble lies in the backdrop. The bright green kite shown bold against the cloudy blue sky. We walked past them to the rubble to explore some more and we found the remains of what looked like a house. A baby dolls head was sticking out of the dirt missing one of it's eyes, but the kites still flew agianst the blue.

There is so much beauty in this destructed world.

more later

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jumpnjibboo said...

wow, look at us, we world traveler's. You stuck between the two America's, and I in the land of the rising sun... Wish we could have experienced it together... miss you girlie!