Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Behind the curtains

We are now over half way throught our trip, which saddens me. We have heard so many speakers and seen so many things, there's almost no time to let it sink in before taking another mouth full. Our minds our overwhelmed, and our eyes are open. This blog is concerning yesterday, our internet was then out of service. The first day we drove around and passed by a vacant lot filled with a makeshift shanty town. Puzzled, we asked why. We were informed that these were people who had been severely injured through a chemical while working in the banana plantations. Yesterday we had the privelage to meet with these people, and capture their stories with our cameras, heart, and mind. They were sriking against their previous employer who had knowledge of the hazard of this chemical, and are now seeking medical treatment and justice. DOLE won't grant it to them. Yes, an American company in Nicaragua has caused great struggles for these people. I wish we could upload pictures onto this blog so I could better explain what we have seen, but for those of you who are family members and friends, you will surely hear more and see photos upon our return. This week thus far, for me atleast, has made me want to change the direction I am going with school and myself to help with these kind of things. For a start, we plan on trying to do something in our communities when we return to create an awareness~

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