Monday, December 3, 2007

its not fair

As I was adjusting the temperature of my shower this morning, it struck me, what a luxury it is to, at the turn of your hand, control how much hot water comes out of this medal waterfall attached to my tiled closet that we call a shower. More than half of the world takes bucket showers, or don’t even have access to, what I would consider, clean water. When I got out of my privileged hot shower it suddenly dawn upon me, just in this bathroom alone I have so much comfort, a toilet that I can flush the toilet paper down, a sink, a mirror, medicine cabinet with medicine, lotion, a tooth brush with a holder, soap also with a holder, a rug to keep my feet warm and floor dry and a thermostat to control the temperature. As I dry my self off I look in the mirror and see myself, a human part of the race, and wonder why I have all these things and someone else doesn’t.

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CMC in Nicaragua said...

...that's deep. I agree, it doesn't seem fair at all.